Done Deal is a 5 Piece modern and classic hard rock band from Beloit Wisconsin featuring five of some of the most seasoned ROCK veterans in the area.  The band is fronted by the legendary Jimmy Roeling and features the tag team guitar attack of Jerry Swanson and Kal Watson. Bringing the big bang and sonic boom is Trevor Russell on Drums and Chris Benti on the bass.... 


LOOKING BACK the genesis of DONE DEAL began in 1977 when a couple of 7th grade kids decided it was time to start a band in the basement.  Jerry and Kal spent the better part of a few summer vacations playing music by Sabbath, Nugent, Kiss, Rush and Cheap Trick over and over and over again!  At some point a few basement jam sessions with Jimmy Roeling on vocals came about... but as high school progressed and interests changed, and life took over as it always does, everyone went their own way to pursue what life had in store for them..... Fast forward a few years (about 30 or so)  while there were A LOT of changes their love for music never never ceased  Jerry continued playing and became a master guitar builder, Jimmy went on to front some incredibly successful bands in the stateline area including 529 and Dynamite Society where he met Done Deal's BRINGER of the THUNDER on bass guitar Chris Benti.  Kal continued to play and formed CRUSH, another stateline local favorite band  that worked steadily for 12 years.  The fates had Jimmy at another local band show where he met Trevor "The Machine Gun" Russell on drums and the line up for Done Deal was complete.


With planets aligned Done Deal was born in 2016!  Playing their own brand of modern and classic rock delivered with a punch this band is sure to blow the roof off your next party.  DONE DEAL brings power and energy and  a chemistry that makes partying with this band a real blast.  This is a show you won't want to miss!!